Hawaiian Lei Greetings

Hawaii Leis, a gift for any occasion whether graduating, getting a promotion, or just visiting for a week. The lei, a symbol of aloha, made popular from tourists and widespread throughout all the islands. Well guess what, there's a place where you can receive the traditional welcoming gift of Hawaii. That place is Hawaii Lei Greetings and we have an amazing selection of leis available.

You can choose between an assortment of leis for greetings. The Standard Lei features a string of flowers. The Superior Lei features a double amount of flowers than the standard. Or even get the Deluxe Lei features three times than the standard. There's the choice of a candy lei for 'keiki' or kids. There are leis made of ti leaves, tuberose (a sweeter fragrance) and also kukui nuts. Also available for purchase is a cigar lei with a lesser fragrance.

Niihau sits off Kauai's western coast and is a privately owned island that claims the color white. Visitors rarely make it onto Niihau but the island is well-known for shell leis as prized souvenirs. The shells used to make these leis, called pupu. Some of the shells are white, but they also come in pinks, tans and peach tones.

Kahoolawe has the color gray of the hinahina otherwise known as the native beach heliotrope. Located off of the southwest Maui, this island is uninhabited and visitors are not allowed. The flowers are fragrant and white in small trumpet shapes. Tiny hairs cover the leaves, which in a certain light appear silver.