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candy lei

A fun alternative to flowers (type of candy varies in each lei) - the kids will love it!

from $24.64
cigar lei

Not a strong fragrance lei. A beautiful lei greeting which is popular with men.

from $59.00
deluxe lei

Our most lavish lei with three times the amount of flowers compared to the Standard Lei.

from $43.57
kukui nut

Glossy long lasting lei made from traditional Hawaiian nuts (not edible)

from $32.86
ti lei

Braided green leaf (Ti Leaf). This is the good luck lei!

from $32.92
superior lei

A fuller lei with double the amount of flowers compared to the Standard Lei.

from $39.29
deluxe tuberose lei

A fuller tuberose lei compared to the regular one.

from $65.00
standard lei

A single strand of flowers.

from $24.97
tuberose Mix lei

Lei with tuberose flowers mixed with either orchid or plumeria.

from $31.12

always fresh because it's all we do..

If you want fresh flower lei greetings, make sure you order from us. All our leis are fresh and are NOT associated with a transportation company. All we do is offer the best fresh flower lei greetings and do not combo them with a transportation company.


Experience a traditional welcome to the Islands with a Hawaiian flower lei greeting at the airport! A lei greeting is a warm and wonderful way to begin a Hawaiian vacation and experience the aloha spirit.

Your friendly lei greeter will wait for you at your arrival gate at the airport and welcome you with a fresh flower lei. Reserve a Hawaiian lei greeting for yourself, or make a special gift for someone else. This is also a great gift idea for honeymooners or first-time visitors to Hawaii.

"the lowest prices on all lei greetings in Hawaii"

You can choose between a variety of leis, including standard leis, leis for men or kid-friendly candy leis. We only use the best flowers available – dendrobium orchids, carnations, plumerias, tuberose or superior combinations of these flowers.

The type of flower used on any lei is subject to season and availability. We offer the lowest prices on all lei greetings in Hawaii.

Instructions for Lei Greetings at HONOLULU Airport:

Greeter will wait for you inside baggage claim at the Honolulu airport wearing a sand/black uniform, with a welcome sign with your name or group name.

Instructions for Lei Greetings at Kahului MAUI, Lihue KAUAI and Kona HAWAII Airport:

You will see your Greeter as you exit the terminal, prior to baggage claim. They will be wearing a purple/white uniform and welcome sign personalized with your name or group name.